Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Name Giveaway

Hey fans!
As we start to evolve and move in different directions, being a BOWtique, no longer seems fitting. Of course, I will still make bows on request and whenever I feel like making bows :P
I will be offering NEW items, for boys and well as adults. I will be unveiling all my new products once I get my piece of junk sewing machine running correctly OR as soon as I buy a new one.

So we're going to vote! I will post a status on my fan page with the names we'll be voting on. All you have to do is comment on the status with your vote! Simple!

Once we pick a name for the new shop, I'll pick a winner!
The winner will receive a pair of hibiscus earrings in any color (I have tons!) and any of the 4 sizes shown!

Happy voting!


  1. Bugs and Butterflies...
    although I like Dirt and Diamonds too but its not as cute for kids as bugs and butterflies

  2. ooo, tough one. I like Bugs and Butterflies but I feel like it is "used". Dirt and Diamonds is chic sounding and "Frogs and Frills" is quirky. I would have to go with Frogs and Frills because it is younger sounding.

  3. of course i am going to say Bugs and Butterflies, i think people will know right away bugs for boys and butterflies for girls!! and is is super duper cute! ( i have not heard anyone else use it so it is not used in my eyes)